Supply Chain Management

Monolit Suite includes solutions for Supply Chain Management. It provides automation of stocks management, transport logistics, production planning, purchasing management. Transport suppliers portal ensures the design of effective workflow chain with transport companies. Module "Tenders" ensures automation process of tender terms creation and supplier choice according to flexible preference criteria.

Monolit SCM solution is especially effective for companies with several production sites. It ensures centralized control and analysis of purchasing, logistics activities in companies with a distributed chain of command.

Monolit Suite modules and solutions for Supply Chain Management

  • Purchase Management

  • Supply relation management (Tender & Auction, Claims)

  • Sourcing and Procurement

  • Invoicing

  • Transportation Management

  • Yard Management

  • Vendor Managed Inventory(VMI)

  • Inventory Management

  • Enterprise Assets Management

  • Utility Management

  • Production Management

  • Alcohol products Turnover Management