Sales Management

Monolit Sales Management solutions ensures:

  • Prices calculation based on various algorithms — user access flexible system of options, application rules and calculations of the various prices and discounts (including retro-bonuses);
  • Automation of the accepted enterprise regulations based on developed system of shared access rules and checks;
  • Accounting of finish goods (quantitative, in analytical batches), tare and cash (check for mutual settlements and account receivables);
  • Automatic creation of accounting transactions;
  • The ergonomic interface, optimized for requirements of actual business of processes, that facilitates input of the information and electronic documents processing

Monolit Suite modules and solutions for Sales Management

  • Estimate and Quote Management

  • Sales Order Management

  • Demand Management

  • Missed sales processing

  • Pricing

  • Contract Management

  • Credit and Collection

  • Empties management

  • Accounts receivable

  • Bill of Material (Product Configuration)

  • Modern Trade Management

  • Claims Management

  • Bonuses and Rebate