Monolit IIM/ECM

Monolit IIM/ECM

 Document Flow. Financial planning

 description and management of Company's business-processes;

 documents classification; configuring documents processing schemes;

 user rights configuration to access documents.

Electronic documents storage

Integrated in ERP system e-docs archive. Support all formats (from office documents to multi-media files)

E-docs can be linked to any system documents and to any classifier elements

Electronic documents interchange

 Electronic signature

 Electronically signed e-docs storage in e-docs DW

 New documents creation on base of received e-docs

Electronic documents archive

Primary and other financial scan-copies storage in terms of ERP system

Functions of images processing and optimization before upload

E-mailing on events with e-docs

IIM/ECM Technology

✔Azure PaaS architecture

✔Azure AD

✔Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

✔Azure Web Apps

✔Multiplatform React.js based Progressive WebApp

✔Rest API

✔MS Office Online




• As a result:

• Greater flexibility

• Fewer servers

• Reliability

• Data is safe

• Reduced costs

• Scalability

• Not adopting the Cloud is a competitive disadvantage




WEB-access to Workflow from DMZ

Contracts in the IIM/ECM

Contract confirmation process in Monolit ECC and IIM/ECM systems

Monolit ECC Electronic documents archive (scan-copies storage & signed e-docs)